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August 6, 2014

ARIEL'S SISTER {Jerome Russell x Beyond the Zone}

So I got my hair did.

It was a black to ash blonde ombre and the blonde got brassy as heck. I originally wanted a red ombre and that was the reason why I bleached my hair in the first place. But I liked the blonde!

So I got semi-permanent dye to test out the waters.
And here is the result!

 The color is a deeper plum in person. But the camera cannot capture it >:( This is how bright it'd typically be in sunlight.

I got Jerome Russell in Purple and Beyond the Zone in Crimson Storm.

The smell of both dyes are delish. Can something smell pretty? LOL Because these do. The purple dye smalls like edible grape gum.

The color is pretty and noticeable all along the ombre, from the dark to lightened areas.

The dyes will fade gradually after each wash(5-28 washes) and maybe I'll get a permanent wine red done after :)

BEFORE reference photo:

How I did it:
I got this color by mixing the two. But it turned out too pink so I did another round with just the purple and this was the result! I only covered the blonde areas going above it by only an inch or so. It's ridiculously pretty and I want it to stay forever. I'll see how long it will last and how the color will stay on. I love it :')


  1. Really pretty colour *-* I love ombré hairs in fantasy colours.
    I didn't know this dyes, thank you for show them :3

  2. IKR!? I loved the color because irl it's actually MUCH more purple :)

  3. yayy your new hair looks amazing! I love how vibrant it is. it seems to suit your skintone too :) $600 Giveaway on my blog

  4. I can't believe you did it yourself!! lol I wouldn't trust myself to do my own hair ><
    I love the colour!!
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    I hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

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  5. Thank you for sharing this! c: I love this color on you *u*
    ~Kiyomi <3