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June 10, 2014

EYESCREAM Choccomousse Review

I've got two circle lens reviews both from MapleLens!
They are Eyes Cream Choccomousse and EOS Rain Shower Grey.

First up, like the title says are the

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.7mm
Life Span : 3 Month Disposal
Available Prescription : -0.00 ~ -6.00

The color puts choco into choccomousse because, well, t's a chocolate color! It's a rich dark brown with a lighter burst in the center. The design is very pretty and can be slightly seen when up close. The design helps give your eyes that pop while still looking relatively natural.

Anything gives me enlargement it seems, hah. My irises are quite small even though people may say I have "big eyes" well, these lenses gave me big eyes alright. you can tell from the photo how it enlarged my eyes. I like the enlargement factors of 14.5mm lenses in general though :)

These were great! I did not feel them at all and they hardly dried my eyes out.

Honestly, I was looking to get a pair that was natural yet not too natural that nobody would think I was wearing lenses. Gurl gotta mesmerize with these eyes! haha

I have been eyeing these specific lenses and thought it was great that I had the chance to review them. If you have been looking for some good every day lenses too then here's the link to these:

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Take care!

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  1. this looks very natural , but if I was going to wear coloured lenses I prefer to go for something a little more obvious