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January 29, 2014

Modern Abstract Batwing {Rosewholesale}

Here's a part 2 of what I received from Rosewholesale :)
Also, I will be hosting a giveaway sponsored by them soon so look forward to that as well! 

But for now here's the review,

This piece is just like how I expected it to be from what the website showed.
There was a difference between two links I've found on this sweater though, and that would be length. I chose this because it was longer(the other only goes up to your torso) but still it actually came to be a bit shorter than how I wished and thought it would be.

One thing I'd also like to add is when you first get this piece, the front is sewn with a thin clear elastic thread to keep the front closed. It is alright if you pull it out :) Unless you like how it looks then sure, you can keep it there:

Backside & you can see the pattern more here:

Other than that, there weren't many loose threads if any at all. The fabric is thick and doesn't irritate my skin. I've been into this style of cardigans, wraps, ponchos, you name it. 
I think there's an edgy and cozy look to it.

So if you are liking this piece you can check it out:



  1. The whole aztec trend isn't really me but you work it very well :)
    I do love big cardigans though; perfect for the cold season!

  2. Aww really? I find some trends just not workable.. LOL for me at many times too. But when we find what works for us then we rock it girrrrl ;D