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January 30, 2014

Baby Queen 515 {KKCenterHK}

It's been a while since I last reviewed some falsies!

These are from KKCenterHK's Baby Queen line and I have liked these very much so far.
I have noticed that the styles and arrangement of Baby Queen lashes have been to be more dolly. Perfect for those of you who like that big eyed look ^^ I played around with some photos and filters and rather than spamming that here, I'll do that on my brand spankin' new tumblr.

The quality of these lashes are great! Just by it's appearance I could tell that they'd be some durable lashes. The band is clear and the lashes and secured properly. As for comfort, usually I have no problem but the bands on these did seem to be a bit more stiff than others I've tried. 

Both volume and length are more concentrated on the outer ends, hence the dolly effect. Volume is consistent throughout the lash band. 

The lash box.

So if you like these then go check them out! 
Stocks at KKCenterHK go pretty fast from what I know. Just sayin'

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  1. You're so pretty! Love the Lenses

  2. They look a little too plasticy if you know what I mean, but damn girl those circle lenses! ;)

  3. You look like a doll! and love the lashes!!

  4. Cute falsies! You put it on so well.

  5. Thank you! And the lashes are what enhanced the photos ;D haha

  6. LOL These lenses always caught the eyes! And yeah, I know what you mean. In person they are a bit better but I've had ones from this line that were more comfy tbh

  7. Thank you! It's all thanks to the lashes doee :P

  8. Haha thanks, it takes practice though!