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January 16, 2014

3w Clinic Fresh Mask Sheets Review

Currently where I am it's winter and that means dry skin.
In addition to moisturizing(and serums and all that good stuff) masks are a great way to keep your skin looking fresh, radiant and soft!

I'd say I use a mask in one form or the other about once every two weeks. Some like to use it a lot more often others, not at all. But it's definitely a great way to keep your skin lookin' goooood lol

So here I have a review of a few masks from cosmetic-love's 3w Clinic Fresh line!

There are 12 different kinds of masks and each have their own properties and purposes.
I received: placenta, green tea, fresh coenzyme, cucumber, and red ginseng

These masks do very well for hydrating my skin. After wearing the masks for 30min I take it off and massage the excess serum into my face and neck. I didn't find the masks to firm up my skin much, the masks I received didn't have this property. The collagen mask would work better for this one.

All the masks were VERY cooling and soothing, more so than any other mask I've tried! As I wore the masks, you can feel the cool tingling sensation :)

Once again, depending on the mask and what the purpose of it is, this result will vary. I saw that all my masks left my skin healthy and bright with a natural glow to it. Radiant~

One thing I tend to find with masks is that the fitting and shape don't work too well on me around my nose bridge. Not their fault, I barely have one *ehem* Another is that the masks I've used are a bit big and there is always excess that I end up folding at the sides of my face and chin. This one I will also say that for my face I found it to be bigger and longer as well. The nose area is narrow yet long - features I unfortunately do not have. The mask works perfectly fine with it's shape however.


When I first received the masks, they were not listed for sale yet. But now they are!
For 10 masks, the amount is $17.99 which runs at approx $2 a mask.

Check out the types of mask by clicking the link below!

who uses hair velcros??

A tip I got from a Korean friend: 
Chill your masks in the fridge before use for some extra cool down time ;) 
Apparently majority of them do that! I never bothered to until she told me to try it and found the results to be better!



  1. Thank you for the masks reviews! I am a big fan of using masks, but I'm sometimes too lazy to hold myself to my own standards. -___-; But it's great to know about more brands to add to my collection!

  2. Haha we are on the same boat then! This is a newer brand that cosmetic-love is carrying I believe, so it was nice to be introduced to a new brand for me too :)

  3. I am absolutely obsessed with face masks! I buy new ones that I haven't tried yet whenever I see them! ^_^

  4. Haha I'm like that when it comes to certain things too! I liked this one so hopefully you will get to check it out and try it!