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February 24, 2012

{{ TUTORIAL }} Galaxy Nails

As promised!! Once I got home from finishing my last exam, the first thing I did was my nails :3

As some of you know, my nails had to be kept SHORT so I really didn't know what I could do with them, I always had long nails before when I designed them you see :(

Well, I thought of the galaxy design that everyone was so crazy about! When it was super popular(or is it still? I am so not in with this game T^T) I couldn't paint my nails so I didn't get the chance to use that design D:

But I do now~~ Mwuahahahaaaa
And I took photos as I did each step ^^

*You do not need to use the same colors or the same amount of colors at all, and the order of steps is not definite either. Everything is up to your own personal preference.

Here is my mess and the colors I used:
My purple OPI bottle exploded and got purple nail polish on everything, thus the random splat on the gold x)

Get a makeup sponge and rip it into tiny pieces, these will be your tools.
The more messy.. the better :)

Paint your nails black, or any dark color you like :) 
Navy is a good choice too.

I wanted to see if there was much of a difference so I chose two different polishes. The end result looked the same though >.>

Start by adding a drop of yellow to a piece of scrap paper.
The paper will be your color palate.

Each time you use a new color, then add a drop to the paper as it will dry if you dispense it too soon.

Dab a small piece of the sponge into the YELLOW polish.
Create any pattern on your own nails.
This will be the base of where to place your other colors.

Add a drop of GOLD polish to the palate.
Dab the sponge into it and then onto the edges of the yellow.

STEP 6 to...
Copy&paste step 5 until the end basically xD
Continue on doing so with any color of your choice, from here on I won't be telling you what to do, picture references should be enough for you smarty pants :P



With the navy though, I concentrated on the edges, mainly using this colors to "blend" the brighter colors into the... outer space 

GAHAHA, I'm lame. Suck it up butter cup.

STEP... other nails. 
As you see, I changed the colors on the previous empty nails. 
Instead of yellow, I used a BABY BLUE as a base. I dabbed on LIGHT PURPLE and DARK PURPLE

I decided to add some dark purple to the yellow bases as well, just to give it a more galaxy feel~

With a glitter nail polish, Sweep it over the entire design.
Then with a clear top coat, seal in the entire design and make it glossy :3

and VIOLA!




What do you think? Pretty good for a noob ain't it? 

Well I'd say so myself, because even my little 7 year old brother said "it looks like outer space" when I asked him of what he though it was.

I'm proud. LOL

I'm going to partaaay tonight with some friends, karaoke to be exact ^^ 
Gotta have fun when I know my exams are over :D

Hope you enjoy this~

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