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February 1, 2012

[Review] GEO Bambi Greys aka Princess Mimi Greys + Outfit Post&Diet Update

Hi hi ^^

I'm back, WITH A REVIEW! Of what!? Well, the post title gave it away already pfft. LOL

Yus, I've recently received a package in the mail for a pair of GEO Bambi Greys! They are also called Princess Mimi Greys too ^^

I was so excited to get these as they have been suuuuper popular among the Gyaru models :D
I had to get my hands on them because reviews after reviews came out about them, all with really good ratings. So I am here... to give my own verdict of these lenses.

Okay, so here are the company photos of the lenses:

Lens Information:

Power: 0.00 - -6.00
Diameter: 15.00
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Life Span: 1 Year


Natural Light
Window Lighting (cloudy)
Window Lighting (sunny)
Indoor Lighting

(Ratings are all out of 5)
Very pretty! and very noticeable as well. I wouldn't say that they are the least bit natural but that's not the point of why people get the bambi greys. The center burst of the lenses help in minimizing the intensity of the grey color though. The dark limbal ring also further enlarges the appearance of the eyes, achieving that "big dolly eyes" look.  There is a bluish tint to the grey color.

HUGE I tell ya, HUGE. 
These are 15.0 smacking mm and the largest I have gone is 14.5 and to me, that was already big. I love large lenses on others, maybe I am not used to it on myself but I must say, I don't mind it with these lenses. a TOTAL DOLLY type of lens.

When I wore these, I felt nothing. This surprised me as they are 15mm. But I wore them for about 6hrs without feeling a thing. And I usually have dry eyes when it comes to contact lenses.

Final verdict of GEO Bambi Greys are that I LOVE THEM. Seriously, the rave about them is all true and I am happy that I got my hands on these. They are very pretty and vibrant yet not bug eyed. Of course, it's all personal preference ^^

* Once again, I'm letting you guys know that I am managing another blog dedicated to circle lens :) So if any of you like them... do follow the blog at LensVillage Blog >:D 
PS. following the blog may come in handy soon *shady shady* kekeke 

~ Shameless Face Spam Warning ~

Full Faced with Bambi Sesame Grey 

I discolored this pic, I like the effect :D

What are your thoughts on the Princess Mimi Greys? I LOVE THEM!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Outfit Post & Diet Update:

I'm thinking of joining a contest hosted by styleismine and that called for me to post up a photo of an "Asian Outfit."
So this is what I am planning to submit:

Today's outfit:

I paired this outfit with my brown boots from the last outfit picture I posted ^^

Now on to the DIET part...
The title was misleading, but it was long enough so I just labelled it as a diet :P
More specifically, I'm taking on a challenge. A 90 day challenge, posted and created by Cassey Ho of Blogilates. So yeah... 90 DAYS! Which is kind of good though, seeing that on average, a person would generally see results in 3 months. 

I don't believe in "diets" but I do believe in eating clean and healthy, so although my diet is going to be different during the next 90 days, I hope that I will be able to stick to something similar even after. So basically, to improve my own eating habits permanently

"11 abs line"... here I come babyyyy! (hhaha what a Korean termed thing to say :P)

F(x)'s Krystal
SNSD's Yuri
(she's a bit thin for me but she's been "praised for her abs")

Dal Shalbet's Ga Eun
Brave Girl's Seo ah

So I've known about Blogilates for a long while now but have always been focused on Bodyrock. However, I have always wanted to do pilates! So I thought "let's add it in, there's only benefits." So I am now, officially going to be following this site closely ^^

This 90 day challenge was started in October of 2011, but I've just come across it just recently. And so, my journey begins~ 

* I will be updating REGULARLY about my progress on here, so if you are interested, please follow along(And do it with me too :D Just ask for the links and I'll give you them ^^) so you guys can push me towards the end :) I'm going to be tagging the posts under "90 Day Challenge."

** if you care less about dieting, health and fitness, I'm going to be putting [Diet Update] in front of the update posts, so you can just ignore them xD

I've already started day one yesterday. Today is day two ^^
So far, I've been doing everything properly. I feel so good and healthy :D

Yep, so that's all! 
As for future posts, I plan to work on making more tutorials as I am a total noob atm, so uhh.. 

"practice makes perfect :P"

BAHAHA . . . cheesy ending.

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