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August 31, 2011

[[5]] BB Creams Reviews.

L-R: NOPS Shining Triple, CARA White Light 3+, NOPS V-Line, NBI-5 SCI, Atom BB Cream

August 24, 2011

Update(Aug 24, 2011) + EOTD

Recently I have been busy with work at a fair(PNE) and so I haven't able to blog about anything really. A friend of mine introduced me to her boss and I was hired right away so I will be working for only two weeks as that is the length of the fair... My boss ain't the best though(he gives me RETARDED hours, quite unreasonable compared with others actually) and there's a lot that I am not satisfied with but I'll put up with it since there's only a few days left T^T Boooo... So I will be working until the 5th of September! And guess what? I start schooling on the 6th! (I'm entering college btw) So I will be busy, busy, busy! *sigh* At least I am working with some pretty good people so that makes it better.

So that is my little update :P Gahhhh =.=''

Here is the eye make of the day before I head off to the PNE... again :/

I'll be back to review some BB creams as well as a mask that I have been using,
So check back later!

August 18, 2011

August 17, 2011

Skin Care Routine + Proper Diet for Better Skin(and Body)

Hello~ there :)
So this post is about SKIN!

First up is my skin care routine.

Let me tell you something first, it is super simple... Like, most of you probably do this too LOL

So here are the facts about my skin: 
- I can scar easily T^T
- I have normal to dry skin
- It is only seldom that I get pimples/zits/acne/whatever-you-call-it (unless I ate a whole bag of chips by myself and all that jazz of spicy ramen) and I will explain WHY
- I am not white nor tanned, I have... a normal Asian color LOL a.k.a. yellow undertone/"golden" (I would love to be more white though, as I prefer myself with a lighter skin tone. So I love bright lighting for picture purposes :D)
- I can tan without burning. In fact, I never got a sunburn in my life. I used to get tanned easily but as I grew up, I think my skin just did something to itself... O.o

Every morning when I wash my face. 

1. I use a cleanser.
From The Face Shop, Brand - NOPS
I have been using this cleanser for about a year now. And I can say that it smells yummy :F it has a legit strawberry yogurt/bubble gum smell to it! It claims to brighten your skin too, and I think it works since I did not tan yet. I do not get acne really, so I cannot say how well this product works in that area. I do feel that it washes your skin fairly well though.

2. I apply moisturizer.
Khiel's Ultra Facial Cream
I can say that this lives up to its name. The only time my skin really feels dry is after washing my face so when I use this moisturizer it really hydrates for 24 hours and I can feel that it works.


I apply Bio Oil. Because like I said, my skin can scar quite easily. Plus, the bio oil makes BB cream application sooooo much more easier and smoother! And it smells good!

3. Apply makeup if I am going to wear any :P

Every night I...

1. Wash my face with the same cleanser OR use St. Ives Apricot Scrub
St. Ives Apricot Scrub
Because sometimes I gotta feel the sand texture in the cleanser to really believe that my face is being cleaned! Plus, scrubs clean your pores, exfoliates and helps with blackheads and acne.

2. Toner
Also from Khiel's, Ultra facial Toner
Toner helps to remove any residues left over after washing your face(ex. facial soap that hasn't been rinsed off, dirt trapped in pores etc.). And toner also helps to even out your skin tone. It also adds a fresh sensation to your skin as well.
I don't tone every single day though, sometimes I don't... or forget to :P

3. Moisturizer OR bio oil


1. I use a facial mask.
Blooming of Beauty - Lily

Okay, I just started doing this weekly because recently, my mom and I found a new brand at T&T and decided to try it out(because it was cheap harhar). And turns out, that it works really well! It helps your complexion improve and moisturizes too. I think it is supposed to whiten or brighten but I don't really know about that.

2. Exfoliate. This already is done with the apricot scrub though. Before I used another product from The Face Shop to help do this.

So that's all there is! I don't think it's a lot since there's only three steps each morning and night ^^

And for the final picture... A bare-faced me!
mmm... not too pretty >.> LOL but that is my skin with no make up
Sorry for the picture not being as clear as I hoped it would be, but overall, you can tell how my skin looks, right? If not, I will try to post one that is more clear(so you can see all my flaws!!!! D:)

Anyhow, I mentioned that I rarely get acne correct?
I think genetics has a bit to do with this but...
There isn't a secret. Because the method is by healthy eating and lifestyle.

Or in other words... A PROPER DIET!

Yeap, so eat your fruits and veggies, drink your water and exercise!

  • Common knowledge is to drink 2L of water each day. 
  • Eat 2-3 servings of fruit
  • Consume 3-4 servings of vegetables
So what is/how big is a serving? One handful.

Grab some fruit and veggies for a snack, they help curb your hunger. Meaning no binge eating! Eat 5 times a day, having 3 meals and 2-3 snacks per day. This helps to keep your metabolism running, so that your body is constantly using up energy to break down the food particles. This way you are constantly burning calories.

  • At every meal, have some protein. It is necessary for your body to keep and repair it's muscles. Muscles help keep you looking thin and lean, firm and strong. Without muscle you'd be flabby and unattractive.

Muscles do weigh more than fat BUT burn more calories than fat. So DON'T be obsessed with weight. I understand that this is hard to do because even sometimes now, I can pay more attention to the numbers. However, obsession over weight will lead you to a bottomless pit, especially if you aim for a goal that you cannot achieve for yourself. So, BE BALANCED.

Each day, plan out your meals and be conscious of the amount of calories you take in per day. Take into consideration your height, weight, and activity level. The required amount of calories each day is 1200 so plan carefully and make sure not to not eat too little or exceed the amount that YOUR BODY NEEDS.

  • Eat before and after a workout! You just exhausted your body of energy and it must be replenished. But as always, make the right choices. Avoid junk filled with sugars, carbs, fats and salts!

Remember that a DIET is not something you do for a short period of time. It is something you keep for the rest of your life. Do things properly so you won't have the "yo-yo effect" of weight loss/gain, better to reach your goal slowly but keep it than to screw up your body because of being hasty.

Be balanced, patient, active and do your research!

August 16, 2011

Lipgloss Love Affair - Sigma Double Prize Giveaway

So Lipgloss Love Affair is ONCE AGAIN hosting another one ^^'' Nobody is complaining though HAHA
from her blog:

August 13, 2011

Outfit Post[No.2 To the Nightmarket!] + ♔Cominica♔ Mini Giveaway

So recently my friend from Toronto came to visit :D And she hasn't been to the nightmarket in 5 years!!! So that was in the to-do list of hers. So despite already going a million times already... last night I went again =.= I really like it! (mostly for the food :P) I already went so many times that I don't even bother looking around anymore LOL

Outfit for the night:

taken in friend's room!

♔Cominica♔ is hosting a Mini Giveaway!

Enter the giveaway HERE

August 10, 2011

Eki's Giveaway + Eyemake, FOTD and Randoms

THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! Were there always this many? anywho, Eki is hosting a giveaway with this as the prize:

Yes, it is eye tape! I already have natural double eyelids but sometimes I want to play around with different looks. Eyelid tape would not make a huge difference on me but it DOES make a difference. And I have always wanted to try the stringy tape ones since they are the hype in the eyelid tape/glue world haha! They also seem to be the best and most recommended type as well.

So check out the giveaway HERE

Now on to my eye make of the day!!!
Recently I have spotted this technique of lining eyes to be popular:

Here I swept the liner up and towards the center of my lids. Causing the corners to look deeper and darker.

The center of my eyes were patted down with a light pink, it isn't too noticeable but it added the shimmery effect ^^"
tiny duck lips wahahahaa! (and my bangs are growing already!)
I still need to find proper lighting where everything won't look so yellow, but it partially can't be helped... since I have a yellow undertone >.> gahhh... Does anyone know how to deal with this? LOL

And~ just a random shot of some jewelry of mine:

Yuss, my room is RED, and lol at the save coupon :P
Some other randoms:
I love anime! LOL say whatchu want but that's just the way it is~ So if you want something to watch and like anime here are some that I am currently watching: *ahem*

Kamisama Dolls
Kamisama no memo-chou
Naruto Shippuuden

It's a lot but they are all currently airing so.. yeah eheh...
I have watched so many in my life that I don't remember how many or what I have watched. Call it whatever you want but it's true!

This brings me to another random point. I have been learning Japanese for the past 3 years(on and off though ^^")! Yes, it's on my own and when I say learn.. most of it was just picked up. I was encouraged by friends(mind you many of those who encouraged were Japanese) to learn it so I thought "OK What the heck, I'll be able to understand and speak a third language :D". And that's how it has been since. I know enough to travel on my own, apparently. But I DO NOT have the guts to do so :P One day I must go there though since I have always wanted to as a kid and many of my friends have moved back there!

Mmm... I also love Visual Kei Bands. Search it up if you like Japan and rock music :) Some bands I adore are: The Gazette(absolute fave!), Girugamesh, Lynch., Sadie, LM.C and more but just cannot remember at the momentooo-

So yeah. That's it guys~ I will be posting soon!

Very soon... MUA.HA.HA....

leave a comment <3

August 8, 2011

Pearly N Kelly's Giveaway + New Fringe + O/NOTD&Another Sewn Outfit~

Pearly N Kelly are having their second giveaway! This one is lashes galore~ Check it out HERE

Ugh.. I went swimming with my friend and little brother yesterday at a wave pool... And one hour in, every one was to evacuate the main pool and slides. WHY? Because some kid puked... IN THE MAIN POOL! So I don't know.. 50 people had to crowd into a small hot tub?! Worst swimming experience EVARRR! But we went for wings instead of being squished in the pool so it turned out happily :D


Last year I decided to grow out my bangs. And I mean LONG! I wanted my bangs to be able to blend in with the rest of my hair... you know the typical long bangs, no layers look? Well, I never tried that style before so I thought I'd give it a try. It takes forever. Well I was well on my way there, but my bangs reached my lips and were always so straight and in-my-face so I always curled them.

This is a picture of my bangs before(curled):
believe it or not, they were past my nose in length!
But as they continued to grow, they didn't curl so nicely but was more straight(no duh right?) and I didn't want to grow it out no more so... I CHOPPED THEM! I really liked my bangs in the pic above but I had them like that for so long and wanted a change :3 mwahahaha

I don't know if I like them or not but for now this is my face. my fringe. and it's pretty STRAIGHT.

So what do you guys think of it? Honest opinions please ^^


OOTD(yesterday's to be exact :P)

And a quick snap of a new dress/shirt I sewed recently. 
I have extra fabric at home and this shirt's design is flowy so I made it with a silky fabric... and it was floral! The colors are not something I would often wear, and floral prints you see now are usually all light and cutesy-wootsy LOL but I guess this pattern is a bit on the darker floral side, it will be a good wear for the beach or a hot day though :)

full body (fyi I am wearing shorts under)
closer up

Speaking of florals... I received two white orchids as a gift from my mom's friends! I personally would prefer something besides flowers but, they are pretty. Plus a gift is a gift and the thought counts!... right? hahah! Just kidding, of course it does!

And a random flower bush in my front garden, I never thought the bush was a pretty one but in pictures, up-close, it looks nice ^^ BTW my parents love flowers so our house both inside and out is full of them... and it makes our house look nice and colorful! Wooooo. ..


On a side note, I noticed that my hair is growing out = ROOTS!!!! NOOOOOO! So I need to re-dye my hair soon >> I am planning to lighten it up by a shade or two :3 hehe 
My mom won't want it but it's all goood~ Because... she'll get used to it(like always! kekeke)
Therefore... Another PALTY review is comin' UP!

August 2, 2011

Mag Scans: ViVi September 2011 *Pic HEAVY*

The styles from back then REALLY are back in style... to the max! As everything and everywhere is filled with it! Just like in these mag scans as well:

(btw, SHINee was featured in this issue :O)

August 1, 2011

A Little Update + Bumpits Review

So I exceeded my bandwidth on photobucket so my pictures from there are temporarily on hold =.= grrr... Sooo I will be uploading pics directly off the computer.. haha

Anywho, over the weekend there was a grad party for three people :D my two friends and I! We did not go to school together and are not the same ages though LOL It was nice of my friends to throw the party <3